iTunes Cover Flow in Flash

Hey Everyone,

Love Apple? Love iTunes? Love looking at all your albums in your iTunes in a sense of accomplishment. Now you can do it in flash. Great way to show off those piece of work or just have a photo album. I hope someday someone takes this and hooks it up with an API to some music service. That would be amazing. Anyways here is the example and then the code below.


Have fun and make it better.


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3 thoughts on “iTunes Cover Flow in Flash

  1. I am very new to flash, wondering if you can explain how to pass a variable into the flash object?

    I am generating the XML on the fly, and to do so need to call xmldoc.xml?id=x

    I plan on passing the id=x to the flash object in the tag for the flash object (itunescoverflow.swf?id=x) but I don’t know how to access that ID from the flash code…

    Googling led me to a number of complicated examples of parsing the entire url of the flash object with any parameters, but I was wondering if you knew a simpler way?


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