SpaceTime 3D Web browser

Shown off at CES 2008, this nifty 3D browser makes web content look truly swizzy.

You can download the beta version of SpaceTime™ 1.0 for free at:


Rumor: Windows Mobile 7 Details Leaked – Multi-touch, Motion Gestures


InsideMicrosoft just got a gigantic scoop of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7, due to be released in 2009. This isn’t Windows Mobile 6.1—which we’ve seen leaks of recently—but the next full version of Windows Mobile that fixes a bunch of problems we’ve seen with the platform. The huge changes are multi-touch gestures (including flicking, swiping and drawing on the screen), motion gestures (shaking the phone), Windows Vista-like redesign of the entire UI, better finger-based navigation and a desktop-like Internet Explorer browser. It’s totally amazing, and fixes a bunch of the complaints we had with the platform. InsideMicrosoft has the full details. [InsideMicrosoft]

Pimp Your Firefox: 9 Crucial Add-ons for Freelance Writers

From gaining complete control of your text to keeping your work safe and sound, all the essentials are here. No filler. Just really good tools.

  1. Copy Plain Text
    This extension gives you complete control over rich text by stripping it plain. Perfect for research or quoting other sources without links and formatting you don’t want or need.
  2. Split Browser
    Pasting from one tab to another can be cumbersome. This extension makes the process a breeze by splitting your browser window into two (or three, or four) panels, allowing for instant copying and pasting between pages.
  3. Resizable Text Area
    This extension makes text input areas flexible by allowing you to resize them as you like. Give your writing the room it needs to breathe.
  4. AutoCopy
    Clever little time-saver which automatically adds text to the clip-board as soon as you select it.
  5. ScrapBook
    When gathering research for an article you’ll often find yourself cutting and saving snippets of text from various websites. ScrapBook is a simple, bookmarks-style interface designed to make this process quick and painless.
  6. Signature
    Every web writer finds themselves re-using certain snippets of text again and again — whether it’s your byline or the HTML code you use for that image in every article. Signature allows you to save these snippets and access them at any time via the right-click menu. Lovely.
  7. Dictionary Search
    Search from the Firefox search bar. Great for answering that perennial question: does the word I’m using mean what I think it means, or am I about to embarrass myself?
  8. Zotero
    For more in-depth research work this extension is a slick and powerful way to track sources, references and citations. Also includes refined note-taking capabilities.
  9. Text Area Word Counter
    An extension for freelance web writers by, arguably, one of the best: Gina Trapani. Instantly retrieve the word count of text in any web form. Perfect for paid bloggers with a word quota to meet.

What would you add to the list?