Sony Rolls Out Goofy Music Player: The Rolly

Is Sony’s egg cracked? Japan never ceases to amaze me with its abundance of new gadgets. The most recent gizmo to come from Japan, the Sony Rolly, is no exception.


Unveiled on Monday, the Rolly is an egg-shaped music player that can flap and rotate its robotic wings, gyrate across the floor, and spin up a storm amidst a neon show of green and blue lighting.


In addition to playing back music from its internal memory the Rolly can also receive music streamed via a Bluetooth connection.

As far as I’m concerned the best part of the Rolly is its reported ability to analyze music and come up with the dance moves. Users can even program the Rolly’s moves themselves.

The gadget is small enough to fit in your hand and comes standard with 1GB of internal memory (some 500 songs, though programing the Rolly with more complex dance moves will diminish that capacity), stereo speakers, and a five hour battery life.
It goes on sale in Japan on September 29 for equivalent of about $353 U.S.

If Sony’s marketing campaign is any proof, it appears trying to imitate the thing on the dance floor is half the fun of owning one. Here is a link to an amusing commercial for the Sony Rolly airing in Japan where people try to keep pace with Rolly moves.

Finally a dance partner for Sony’s Aibo robotic dog. Lets hope the robotic dog doesn’t eat the robotic egg.


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