MacBook Air in the air?

The kids over at 9to5Mac are making the case macbookair that Apple’s rumored ultra-portable will be dubbed the MacBook Air. Besides all the anecdotal evidence supporting their case, one of their readers discovered a machine identifying itself as a “MacBookAir” in a January 9, 2008 Adium usage log — 3 days before the “There’s something in the air” MacWorld banner was revealed. If true, it’s thought that the name could refer to the ultra-portable’s weight, WWAN capability, or even Wireless USB support. As odd as the name might sound, just remember how strange we all thought “Wii” was back in the day. Ok, Air is still bad.
Read — 9to5mac
Read — week 2, 2008 Adium log in Google’s cache


Hi Ultimate Extras, we noticed you’ve been inactive…

Subject: [Automated reminder] Windows Ultimate Extras inactivity

Hi there Windows Ultimate Extras,

This is an automated message to remind you it has been 81 days since your last activity on October 23, 2007 when you announced 19 languages packs for Windows Vista. Très Bien!

We’d like to remind you we’ve been eagerly awaiting more “cutting-edge programs“, “innovative services” and “unique publications” from you.

As a reminder, here is your current contribution so far in the last 12 months since Windows Vista Ultimate has been on the market.
– Windows DreamScene
– Hold’ Em Poker Game
– BitLocker and EFS Tools
– 35 Language Packs

In case you’re running a little short on ideas, here’s a few simple ones to help you get back on track.
– Premium high-resolution wallpapers pack
– Premium DreamScene videos
– Arcade or puzzle games (ex. Peggle)
– Windows Media Player 11 skins or visualizations
– Windows DVD Maker menu themes
– Windows Photo Gallery slideshow themes
– Extended free trials of Windows Live OneCare
– Premium Internet Explorer 7 add-ons

If you have forgotten how to get in touch with us, your customers, we’d like to remind you of your blog at which you can write on to keep us in-the-loop of any ideas or progress you’re making. Don’t be afraid to post smaller but more frequent updates.

Thanks, passionate Windows Vista Ultimate users.