My iTouch’s favorites Apps & Games

1an5q-2e649bcdf390924ba321bc3e44370ff8.498945ffHere I share with you my iPod touch favorites Apps & Games (for me):

Apps from App Store: Twitterrific, BeejiveIM, Facebook, Todo, Evernote, SaiSuke, ReadlleDocs, Stanza, Units, FileMagnet, FileAid, AirMouse, Backgrounds, Photoboard.

Apps from Cydia: Installous (App Store Killer), Finder, Winterboard, dTunes, MxTube, Mobile Terminal, FontSwap.

Games: RSoccer09, Penguin, Tetris, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D, Domino Touch.


One thought on “My iTouch’s favorites Apps & Games

  1. I’m a fan of iPod games. Crash Bandicoot is one of my best played games. It’s an all-time favorite. I also want to recommend Phase, Bomberman, and Sonic The Hedgehog to you. There’s been various versions of the bomberman (since it was created “decades” ago)and i’d bet that the Ipod version is so far the best. i know this Ipod downloads site wherein you can easily download numerous games for free. Cheers for the best games!

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