My iTouch’s favorites Apps & Games

1an5q-2e649bcdf390924ba321bc3e44370ff8.498945ffHere I share with you my iPod touch favorites Apps & Games (for me):

Apps from App Store: Twitterrific, BeejiveIM, Facebook, Todo, Evernote, SaiSuke, ReadlleDocs, Stanza, Units, FileMagnet, FileAid, AirMouse, Backgrounds, Photoboard.

Apps from Cydia: Installous (App Store Killer), Finder, Winterboard, dTunes, MxTube, Mobile Terminal, FontSwap.

Games: RSoccer09, Penguin, Tetris, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D, Domino Touch.


Latest iPod touch Rumors

From the blog of Kevin Rose comes rumors about future iPod including the iPod Touch. Here’s the rumors:

– Revamp of entire iPod line.
– Small cosmetic changes to Touch, Nano to see significant redesign (see pic below).
– iPods to see fairly large price drops to distance itself from the $199 iPhone.
– iPod touch 2.1 software, iPhone to get update very soon after.
– iTunes 8.0 (”it’s a big update with new features”).
– All of this coming in the next 2-3 weeks.
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1.1.3 Jailbreak Achieved – not public yet

The iPhone dev team has achieved 1.1.3 jailbreak on both the iPhone AND the iPod Touch. The jailbreak solution has NOT been released to the public, and according to them will not be until February when the SDK releases, that way Apple doesn’t get to see the method, and break it before the SDK releases – jailbreak + SDK = awesome app functionality, for that free price we’ve all come to love for iPhone applications.

Google on the iPhone: Macworld Makeover

Six weeks since launching the first version of an integrated on the iPhone, we’ve heard a lot of meaningful and insightful feedback from you and we’ve addressed some of them in this current release:

  • Customization of tabs: We’re all very diverse in what products we use, particularly on mobile. Now you can customize the tabs you want on Go to the More tab and press “Custom tabs” to select your favorite three Google mobile products.
  • New and improved Gmail: The latest version of Gmail delivers messages to your inbox without the need for you to refresh it. Also, if you need to write an email, we help you complete the address — you only need to type out the first few letters of your contact. Read more about pre-fetching and address auto-complete on the Gmail blog.
  • New and improved Calendar: A calendar can be one of the most important things on a phone. Now Google Calendar is faster and has a month view.
  • iGoogle for the iPhone: One of the most common requests to date has been to include personalized modules. We’re happy to announce a new iPhone-optimized version of iGoogle that mobilizes all of the modules you know and love. Simply click on the iGoogle link from the home page or go to

Some of you have been wondering why we’ve made this only for the iPhone. The entire experience is made possible by the iPhone’s general usability (touch and high-resolution) and the capabilities of its web browser (AJAX, CSS). It’s also pretty cool that the iPhone has an unlimited data plan so you never have to worry about cost when you’re browsing the web. And we’re working on making this version of available outside the U.S.
To get to the latest Google on your iPhone, just go to on your iPhone or iPod Touch web browser. Let us know what you think!

Apple adds five apps to the iPod touch — for a price

It’s not all love for the iPhone today — Apple just announced that Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes and Weather are all coming to the iPod touch. New touch owners get ’em all for free, but all of you early adopters will have to cough up: the bundle is going to set you back a whopping $20. The new Maps app can’t use cell-based location-finding like on the iPhone, but it can still figure out where it is using SkyHook’s WiFi hotspot database. The touch also supports webclips and the reconfigurable home screen now, but we’re a little unsure why all this has to cost $20 — why no love, Apple?