iPhone 2.0

An anonymous mail send to fosfor gadgets (but feeling is that it’s legit) we got today state that Steve Jobs will present a major upgrade of the iPhone software during his keynote on MacWorld where we will get new functions such as:

– Groundbreaking new games
– Camera video recording
– Flash support
– MMS capabilities
– Copy & Paste and more…

The iPhone hardware will also get a small upgrade with a new 16GB version and (finally!) 3G support for both the 8GB and 16GB version.


Next iPhone software update to allow copy-paste

Apple will release an iPhone software update during MacWorld Expo 2008, well informed sources confirmed MacScoop. But it appears that the unpolished iPhone sofware version recently leaked on the Internet doesn’t include all the features of the final release.

The reports we obtained claim that the software update will add copy-paste, which is one of the most requested features by iPhone users, and will provide a few other user interface improvements.

Additionally, the update should provide better stability and performance for the device which sometimes suffers from UI glitches and application hangs in its current version.

Sources also confirmed recent reports claiming that a soon to be released iPhone software update will offer very improved Google Maps with localization and hybrid view, mass SMS sending and multi-page editable home screen.

It is not out of question that other, non revealed yet features, appear with this update. Be sure that we’lll keep you updated in case we obtain more information.